painter. illustrator. sporadic drummer.


I am fascinated by color.

Every project I complete is a study in the complexity, depth, psychology of color and how to manage, mimic and manipulate it. Whether it is a straightforward faux finish, a complex trompe l’oeil scene, or my original artwork, the color becomes the central character that leads every project adventure. Color is my inspiration, my teacher, my joy.

I was born in Tacoma and have lived in many Northwest cities, such as Gig Harbor, Bellingham, Seattle, and Portland, along with a short teaching residency in Nome, Alaska. After graduating with a BFA from Pacific Lutheran University, I started a one-woman decorative painting business in 1993.  My specialties include murals, trompe l’oeil, custom paintings and original artwork within homes and businesses - mostly around the Northwest, but some as far away as Oregon, California, Arizona, and Hawaii. 

I have most recently shifted my focus solely on designing and painting large-scale exterior-building murals, commissioned original paintings, printed mural wallpaper, and hand-painted murals on canvas which can be applied like wallpaper.