Anywho, #12

Dearest g.g.-

Hi there!

A few updates: the finished discs for Mette! They now live happily in Denmark.


Much love,

mindy jo

Anywho, #4

Dearest g.g.-

Hiyo to you, my modern day pen pal. Yes, that’s what you are. Or perhaps, I could say, to be more accurate, my Communication and Malarkey Pal (CAMP)? I just made that up on the spot :)

CAMP. I like this. It embraces two of my happy place activities: camping, which encourages the concept of shinrin-yoku--Japanese for ‘forest bathing’, a form of bathing I can totally jump into, one I adore and would like more of in my future days. I try. I try-- and second,  nonsensical and goofy blathering. In my world, encouragement of such activities with other humans are telltale characteristics of a good friendship, or pal-hood. You, my dear, are a good camper!

Speaking of camping, this always comes to mind in equal measure—my love of small spaces. And I'm talking about under 500 sq. ft.-space-love. How, you may wonder, is it possible for me to entertain such ideas: I don't have a gaggle of stuff! I've pared down to only the essentials. Ahhh, the lightness of being.  Here's a photo of my current, organized belongings, most of which are business related supplies:

AND, even better yet, how about MOBILE small spaces? Have you seen this school bus that was converted into a living space for a years worth of living, for 6 humans?

I have, and have to tell you, it really speaks to me. Except for the smell of burning diesel. Besides visiting my bus driving paternal grandfather, who became one after he retired, that particular smell is my most prominent childhood school bus memory.

Forest bathing. Actually, I’d like to amend my previously pronounced love for this concept and say that not only do I like to bathe in a forest, but actually anywhere in nature. And I did just that this last summer in Moab, Utah.

My Danish sister and her immediate family (did you know I spent a college school semester in Denmark? She is one of the amazing daughters of the family I stayed with, and we hit it off then and have remained in sisterish contact ever since) were in the States over the summer and one of their points of interest was Moab, UT. This was the furthest west and north they were hitting; there was no way I was going to miss them while they were in the US, so I gathered all of my accumulated frequent flyer miles and planned a trip. 

A window in my Danish family's Møn summer house. Taken back when I used film. Love film.

A window in my Danish family's Møn summer house. Taken back when I used film. Love film.

I flew in to Salt Lake City, and after what happened while still on the plane, I knew it would be a full of delight trip.

Before driving the 4.5 plus hrs to Moab after I reach the SLC airport, I needed to get something to eat. So prior to take-off from Seattle I made the decision to check out a SLC restaurant, one highly recommended by a person I met in Portland, who was born and raised in Utah. While still in flight I chatted with the woman next to me, randomly asking her if she knew of The Red Iguana.

“My husband works at the Red Iguana 2 (there are two locations). I’m going there directly from the plane,” she said.

I couldn’t believe it! Crazy coincidence, don’t you think? After getting my rental car, I drove her there, met her husband, she and I said our goodbyes, and the husband seated me in the restaurant. Delicious! Tasted 6 types of mole. 6! AND the husband PAID for my meal! Thank you, sweet strangers. Life is so funny.

What a great feeling to rent a car that is so much swankier than yours—which in my car world is just an economy one, you know, the ones with the beeper thing you push so all the doors unlock and has the added good gas mileage attribute—and drive, drive, drive and listen. Drive. Sing. Car seat dance. And listen to more music while soaking in the colors and textures of the ever-connected backdrop that surrounds you. I gotta say, this is pure bliss to me.

Utah, what a beautiful state. Moab. Dang, no words for its beauty. It rendered me awe-filled.

Here's to you fulfilling your travel desires too. Idea: how about we combine our lists and fulfill our common desires together? Top of my list, a car trip around the States with an emphasis on the east coast, especially New England. To see the leaves finally see a firefly. Just one. Just one body-glowing-beauty. That, my friend, I'm most positive, I desire.

Much love,

mindy jo