Anywho, #1

Dearest g.g.-

Hello, my dear! It's been so long since we last corresponded. I've really missed our back-and-forth notes, they brighten my day. I often see things or experience some new/old music, books or thought and I am bursting to tell you about it.

Now I will.

The biggest news is that I have now fully (ok, there may still be SOME reservations) accepted my vagabond ways. I really don't call anywhere home but my heart (and mailing address) is still in Tacoma, WA, the place of my birth and where the glut of my family, friends, and business conspirators reside. This is the town where my business was born and raised, so a majority of my contacts are here and in Seattle. But this hasn't stopped me from riding the rails! I now have fellow art lover contacts in Portland and in Spokane. Actually, if I dive deep into why I have the need to ramble, it's my quest to figure out the unique pulse of each city I take sporadic refuge in that bubbles to the surface. That and, like a Portland friend describes me, I'm akin to the butterfly: I don't land in one spot for long, fluttering here to there, and then back again, unwilling (at least at this point) to settle in one area.

Changing environments also provides me with inspiration. I've been apart of some fantastic projects since we last wrote (some of them are documented on my website-take a look!) and I have met some really wonderfully talented humans along the way...for example, the theatre people in Portland (,,, and the people of Terrain, a hearty Spokane based arts event (

I think I will call it a night, but I promise to write more soon.

I'll leave you with a pen design I recently finished:

Please sleep sweet, ok?

Much love,

mindy jo

New temporary mural at CoHo Productions!

Portland and those visiting Portland any weekend starting tomorrow through July 12th, please take note of the happenings at the CoHo Productions. Summerfest 2015!…/announcing-summerfest-2015….

CoHo asked me to do another temporary mural in their lobby! Each element in the mural represents one symbol for each production:

The quill: The Wildly Inappropriate Poetry of Arthur Greenleaf Holmes

The lamp: Butt Kapinski

The moon: LOON

The bitten apple: The Dissenter’s Handbook: A Collection of Riotous Tales by Dario Fo

The white whale: Drowned Horse Tavern (A Sea Shanty Cabaret)

This weekend is LOON...can't wait! Will be there on Saturday night.

Detail of symbols.

Detail of symbols.