House project

Alright. It's official. The tear down date of my little temporary house in Seattle is next Monday, July 21st!

Oh really, what house, you might ask.

Well, I've been living in a cozy little un-level house in the Roosevelt district of Seattle for the past couple of months. Yes, I have. It's true.

Everyday I have had the pleasure of rolling out of bed and immediately drawing and painting on  some of the walls and ceilings. Which walls and ceilings? After entering the house I noticed there were small holes punched here and there on some of the walls and ceilings, all produced by construction workers looking for asbestos, a no-no in demolition. These holes, at first, became my inspiration-my creations would be in an attempt to connect them all.

As the project has developed, I'm additionally thinking of these little holes as small wounds, with the house's insides/ spirits/ history spilling out onto the surface-animals, reptiles, sea life, pipes, plants, shapes and objects, all making themselves known.

How did I come to live here? Friends of mine, Erika Eckert and Kevin Eckert, own it. Their life's work is to build beautiful custom designed modern homes under the company name Build LLC. Recently they bought the property with this house living on it.

Since they have been urging me to move up to Seattle, they offered this little house as a home space so I could see if I like it up here. A tester pad! They bought the property knowing they would tear down the house and build their new family home in its place.

I love this house! I feel so happy here. What amazes me is that I had an idea a year ago for an art installation that involved a white room where I could freely draw all over the walls and ceiling, but since that might be not appreciated by the wall/ceiling's owner, I pondered all other kinds of rooms I could create; all in response to my self imposed vagabond existence. Even thought about buying a Sprinter and converting it into a mobile studio. Alas, all of these ideas were too complicated so I dropped the idea. Then, a year later Erika and Kevin DROPPED this house into my lap. Couldn't say no.

And before you scrunch up your face in confusion (I get a lot of questions such as, "Why would you want to put that much energy towards something that will be quickly destroyed?"), I'll have you know I have been documenting the progress. Photos and film, with dreams of editing it all together to create a small visual story, is all that will be left of this project. Then I will move on to my next home..wherever that may be.

I think it is beautiful that me, this house and my artwork will be gone in a few weeks.