Stenciled "watermark"

Finished this week for The Institute for Functional Medicine's new office space, specifically the front desk area, in Federal Way. The design follows the recent branding this company, including the color and "watermark" image. The first photo is of the large stencil, thanks Fran Biddle (Director of Operations and Finance) for the referral AND extra hand, that was made by Karen Alexander of Sign Language. Karen had to first cut it into long sections (Sign Language's cutter can only handle a certain width of vinyl) and I reassembled it on the wall, carefully placing it so that the outlet cover fit within one of the stenciled areas. 
Stencil set onto wall

I custom mixed the wall's and the image's color, to replicate the company's branding colors, with the base in a flat sheen and the stenciled areas in semi-gloss. 

Finished look

The next step Fran plans for this wall?  The addition of the company's logo, in dimensional letters, with their tag line underneath.