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Reception: Aug. 12, 6-7:30pm

Where does creativity come from? What gets artists started on an idea? ArtsWest Gallery explores that enigmatic creative spark with artists Martha Brouwer, Dr. Mark Morgan, Mindy Barker, and Anita West in the exhibition Inexplicable Allusions running July 27 through August 21. The four artists featured in this exhibition lend answers to these questions by letting go of all preconceptions to create clever, quirky, sometimes surreal, but always delightful imagery.

mark_morgan_LastNightIHadtheStrangestDream.jpgPhotographer and digital wizard Dr. Mark Morgan collects all the moments of his life to build his surreal digital montages. Morgan draws on inspiration ranging from a stray remark from a stranger on the street to a particularly moving song lyric. He can spend months at a time on a single image to build these wonderful, conceptual artworks. Morgan’s digitally collaged pieces include his photographs, watercolors, and graphic textures for layered ideas and images.

Mindy Barker draws outside the lines in her seriesmindy_barker_above_blue.jpg “Mixed-Up Media.” Beginning from a photograph, Barker creates unique worlds of allusions using ink and acrylic paint. For example, a simple snapshot of a dog transforms into a colorful roller-skating worm with a prehensile tail and the words “SLURP,” “BLINK” and “YES” playfully intertwined within the piece. Barker studied art at Pacific Lutheran University and the University of Copenhagen.

Alive with creative spark, Anita West is an artist as well as an educator for an all-girls school in Kuwait. Reminiscent of Seurat’s Pointillism, West’s images of wobbly kneed camels, cats, and goats contain intricate designs from Persian cultureanita_west_Bridle_II.jpg. Her contrast of black ink on white paper suggests the stark desert landscape which can also allude to the cultural restraints throughout the region. Her art ultimately represents a wonderful flight of her imagination.

Martha Brouwer is a multi-award winning artist holding aMartha_Brouwer_Protected.jpg Master’s degree from Harvard University. Utilizing intricate surface texture and technique, Brouwer’s inspiring works convey a delicate and nurturing display of human life intertwined with the animal world. Her imagery celebrates the interconnectedness of all life and its’ interdependent mysteries.

Please join the artists for an opening reception during the West Seattle Art Walk on Thursday, August 12 from 6-7:30pm.