Painkillers podcast

Last Sunday, March 15th, the Painkillers were interviewed on the Northwest Convergence Zone!

With a few hours left of recording our last two songs at Uptone Studios for our next album, James, Billie, Drew, Rick, Ava, Hunter Lea (he plays amazing mellotron tracks, yes...mellotron, on one song and was with us for these last two days of recording...a youngin' with buckets of music making knowledge, known as part of Mono in VCF), and myself headed over to the NW Convergence Zone studio.

Big D, Big Joe, Double D, Wonderboy, Squeeze welcomed us warmly and made us feel comfortable right away. As you can hear on the podcast (link below) great time was had by all. These podcasters are all about the south sound and promote what's going on around here. A real asset to this area!!!

AND, as a real tantalizing tickler, Girl Trouble finished an interview just hours before us, so we share this podcast link with our good buddies!!! How did we get so lucky?!!!!

So, here you go: