Music and Art in Wright's Park

Tomorrow, the 15th, all the festivities begin. Things start movin' at noon and the Painkillers (with myself and Ava King) will be on stage soon after.

But the best bet is to come and check out the sounds from the beginning since I know it starts with a sparkle. Tallest Tree (otherwise known as the not so distant past's Aviso) will start the day out right. Can't wait to see them. One of the guys, Geoff, used to play drums in a band with Drew called Committee for Public Safety...he is the best.

Am so excited for the doings of Girl Trouble and the Plastards too. Never a let down.

After the park show comes to a close at 8pm the Painkillers have another show at Doyle’s Public House, 208 St. Helen’s Ave. The opening act is our dear friend Jesse Quitslund all by himself at the ready. Not to be missed, no how.

A fun packed day partially for the kiddies and always for the adults!