Not so past activities------>

Last January I was asked to paint live while 4 other musicians performed in the musician then the next, then the next, and so on. Chris Sharp and I shared the "live artist" part of the stage (right behind and slightly above the musicians).

In the time allotted I was able to get quite a handle on my painting. I did prepare my piece before though (substrate= 4 cradled Hardbord mounted together) by adhering photo transferred images on the 3' X 4' board. The images were all photos I had taken over the last couple of years and the design was reflective of the body of work I did for the "Slice" show.

This live painting/ music show was called Tacoma in the Round, held at School of the Arts (SOTA) and it was a packed house because David Bazan from Pedro the Lion was the big musical attraction. During the performances our paintings were silently bid on and a fantastic young woman ended up winning the bid. Amazingly enough I wasn't nervous painting in front of all those people. Must be all the "live" painting in front of clients that prepped me for this. Lots of fun to paint while listening to great music!

Here's the completed painting: