Finished project for Father's Day:

I recently showed a client a fold out book I've been working on and it spurred a great idea for her husband's Father's Day present. Since the book is one of "photo extensions", where photos I have shot are applied to a surface then continued past the photo's edges until you can not see the original image instantly, she sent me images of her little boy for her own custom book. There was one for every month of his first year, with 4 for the 12th month. So 15 images. This was a great project because she wanted me to be free with my "extension" ideas. Of course, I had to follow what was in the original photo, and usually I am able to pick a photo out of many (I see which photo has the best color or something in it to "extend"), so the pictures were a bit dark but I'm happy with the end product. My fantastic client was very happy too.

The whole book:

A few sections: