New music!!!

Here are two Tacoma bands worth hearing. They both have cds that came out within the last two weeks. You can pick up both at the Blackwater Cafe in downtown Tacoma. Really, they are great!

James Hilborne and the Painkillers:

  • The Painkillers will be having a cd release at Rocket Records, Tacoma on June 13th (Panic Pants will be opening! Can you believe it?). Starts around 3:30pm. All ages show.
  • Will be at the HIGH DIVE, Seattle for "New Music Monday".
  • Playing with the Nightgowns, June 8th, at the Dubliner, Fremont, Seattle.
  • Released on Tacoma's own Viva Tacoma Records.
The Nightgowns (formally the Elephants):

  • Playing together with the Painkillers at the Dubliner, Fremont, Seattle, on June 26th.
  • These boys are getting regular airplay on KEXP.
  • They already had their Tacoma cd release...a doosey of a show!