Collaboration from the past.

Last November 2008 I collaborating with Daniel Blue of Loyalty Clothing on a couple of jackets. Found these images recently and thought I'd share.

This jacket was already fabulous but the owner wanted something painted on it. Since it was vintage
vinyl and a bit worn in places we thought it best to design and draw the
images over the most delicate areas, hoping it would firm up the fabric.
The image was a combination of both of our marks. Lots of fun especially
since the jacket was so well designed. Love the pleats on the bottom
half so when the wearer moved a bit of black peeked out.

This gray jacket was originally one of those long mens raincoats that come with a zip-in warm fuzzy liner. Daniel skillfully took the material from the bottom half and constructed a hoodie to be attached to the top of the jacket. The "painted" areas were drawings we did on some vinyl upholstery which Daniel sewed into place.

The back.

Here's another one where we "painted" on black leather (cut off from a different black leather jacket Daniel had hanging around) from which Daniel designed another sewn on hoodie. The jacket body is corduroy with sewn on extended black leather sleeves to complete the look.

A fun adventure all around! Thanks Daniel.